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Now, more than ever, our local vote is important. We need to vote for who is “right” for our Kootenay Columbia.  The one from the trenches who knows our issues.  The one who has worked beside so many of us on so many projects.  The one with the energy, smarts and capacity to ensure sustainable Kootenay vitality.  The one who will be in government at the table standing up for us – not knocking at the door.


Many are saying Robin is the “Right” candidate.  Party politics aside, her credentials to represent us best are clear, and we believe it’s time to vote for the person who will confidently stand up for our amazing Kootenay Columbia life.


All but one of our federal candidates are towing their national party line. Only Robin Goldsbury has declared boldly, “Partisan politics aside, I will fight for what is best for our amazing Kootenay Columbia vitality.”  Only Robin has put together a local campaign talking about issues important to us.  She gets it!  Only Robin has the energy, passion, determination, brains and depth of experience to represent us best.


And she plans to do it with inclusive collaboration.  As a rural riding we can be at odds with urban policy.  For sometime Robin has stepped up in the Liberal party to point out where federal policy falls flat in our rural riding.  At conventions she’s found at the mic discussing how political policy affects our Kootenay Columbia differently.  Robin knows how to stand up for our rural and small communities.


And she gets results.  The Kootenay Columbia Liberal Riding Association submitted a detailed request for a rural caucus meeting at the 2018 convention.  We got that caucus meeting.  Even better, shortly thereafter the government announced the brand new Ministry of Rural Economic Development – a Ministry devoted to dealing with rural and small community concerns like ours in the Kootenay Columbia.


We need a new collaborative approach to government.  Robin’s first step will be to establish an advisory task force from across party lines and across the riding to inform her on how to work and deal with our local issues.  No other candidate has committed to this.  Robin strongly believes we need to work together to fight the geographic fragmentation that defines our riding.  We don’t have time for division.  It’s time to work together.  It’s time for leadership that brings people together.  “We get ahead when we all get ahead.”


Our ultimate goal is inclusive collaboration in government.  Parliament can digress like a reality TV show.  But behind the scenes, the Liberals have taken many strides toward greater inclusion.  People from all parties are now involved in government committees.  For example, Mr. Stetski (NDP) was vice chair of the committee on environment and sustainability.  Rona Ambrose (CPC) was instrumental in the NAFTA2 negotiations with Crystia Freeland.  The list is extensive.


The Liberals freed up Liberal senators.  That means there is no whipping of Liberals in the Senate and they are free to vote as they wish.  Liberals also have instated merit-based government appointments, not partisan appointments.


A big step that went almost unnoticed, is when Liberal Terry Beech (Vancouver North Seymour) voted against the government and retained his seat.  He was standing up for his local constituents.  And you can bet Robin Goldsbury will stand up for us.


It’s time to vote yes to Kootenay Columbia.  It’s time to vote Robin Goldsbury

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