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Answers to Key Topics

Last election the NDP proved they could not carry the progressive vote. It’s time to put someone at the government who’s energetic, inclusive, qualified, a progressive local who knows our issues and will stand up for us.  We keep hiring these retired old pensioners flip flopping from left to right.  It’s time for someone in the middle who will work for all of us!


Local NDP fear-mongering has people concerned about voting for the best candidate for the job. We plan to change that.


You are invited to be part of this movement. It starts now. As Liberals we need to stand up for our values, our track record, our beliefs in the middle class, inclusion, diversity, fiscal responsibility with a heart, addressing climate change, science-based policy, making our riding, our Canada a better place for our children. It's time we make a stand. And that starts with your vote.


Until recently our riding has had limited federal Liberal presence and voice. What is exciting is the number of young, dynamic and committed volunteers who are now speaking up for a progressive middle ground in our riding. Older, seasoned and committed Liberals are now standing up against overbearing conservatism and unexamined union devotion in our riding. We have people who hid their Liberal support, who are now finding they have a strong, intelligent, devoted Liberal presence right here - a presence that we plan to grow.


Robin Goldsbury is the strongest local candidate – the deepest roots, breadth of experience, smarts and practical ability… She’s the right candidate; the best qualified for the job; the most authentic; the one who will stand up for our Kootenay Columbia. What she and her team have managed to accomplish is pretty darn remarkable. Imagine what these Liberals could do sitting at that governing table.


We hope we can count on your vote for Robin Goldsbury this Monday September 20th.


What people are saying…


“It’s time to put someone strong at the government decision-making table – not knocking at the door.  Robin is the logical choice in the middle.  In our riding the NDP is split by the Greens and both make promises without fiscal consideration; promises they know they can’t and won’t have to keep.  The Conservatives have a Vancouver RCMP brass whose biggest local contributions are, by his own admission, a few photo ops, and a penchant for a cabinet post.  Goldsbury is poised to come up the middle with her strong stance on standing up for us.  We need someone local who will do the best for our Kootenay Columbia.  We need Robin Goldsbury."

-- Jordan Nering


“I’m Strategic Voting for the Liberals and Robin Goldsbury.  She’s smart, she has deep roots in the riding, and she’s run successful businesses across the Kootenays.  Plus, she belongs to the party that’s most likely to govern.  I think it’s smartest to have a voice in the government, not back-benching in a smaller party.  The Liberals have momentum, and this time the Liberals have the best local candidate – someone who appeals to both the right and the left.  Robin’s voice is our voice.  She has the strongest local platform and seems committed to doing what is best for the Kootenay Columbia.  This decision is easy. I’m voting Liberal.  I’m voting for Robin.”

-- Ashley McMaster


“It’s becoming clear the Liberals are going to control our government.  Isn’t it time for the Kootenay Columbia to be part of that government?  We haven’t had a strong voice in the governing party for many years.  And now there is an exceptional candidate – appealing to both left and right – who will stand up for us.  The local voice of Robin Goldsbury is our own.


On the right we have the Conservative party splintered by the People’s Party and a contentious CPC nominations process that saw a Vancouver RCMP Brass parachuted into the region to take the nomination, and knock out the local candidate. Morrison’s claim of living and working in the Kootenay for the past 40 years is blatantly false.  Many local voters are having a hard time swallowing that pill.  (Look at his Linked In page)


On the left is Wayne Stetzki, our former NDP incumbent whose party has lost tremendous ground in Canada, is making all kinds of promises they know they can’t keep and won’t have to keep.  Nipping at Wayne’s heels is the Green Party, that is itself imploding.


In the centre is Robin Goldsbury, the strongest local candidate – the deepest roots, breadth of experience, smarts and practical ability – and she is poised to come up the middle and take the riding in Kootenay-Columbia.  She’s the right candidate; the best qualified for the job; the most authentic; the one who will stand up for our Kootenay Columbia.


Her views on healthcare access and bringing more doctors to rural areas are far beyond her competition.  Her ideas to support rural economic development exceed anything the others have conceived.  On the issue of the Columbia River Treaty dealings with our US neighbours, Robin Goldsbury is the only candidate with a perspective and a plan.  It’s my belief this issue is at the forefront of Kootenay Federal policy, and ignored by the other candidates.


The Liberals admit they have more work to do, but also know they are ready for another term as our government.  Let’s hope they mean it because our choice is more important than ever.


So this election, for me, strategic voting pragmatism prevails.  I’m voting Robin Goldsbury who will have the ear of the government; the only candidate with the capacity to boldly represent our Kootenay Columbia at the government table, not knocking at the door. I know Robin’s voice is our own and she will be heard.  So I’m voting Liberal in Kootenay Columbia."

-- James Penson

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